Sunday, November 13, 2011

Red beanies are hot: Cousteau à l'avant-garde de la hype

Could you honestly look at this picture of le commandant and reasonably argue that he is not a role model for the hipster next door?

"Yes my GF works at American Apparel, so what ???"

Maybe you're not convinced yet...

"You guys are so not vintage with your iPhones 4..."

Well at least he is a role model for FashionTerror himself...

"You won't see FashionTerror eyes!"

... for Marvin Gaye...

"La la la la..."

... and cool kids in Stockholm's subway at 3am

                   "You won't see my eyes either!"    (photo: Jojo)

Merci commandant, pour le style et surtout pour le reste. Reposez en paix


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