Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday evening at McDonald's

My fingers were sticky, the neon light a disgrace, and my mind somewhere else when this guy and his girl friend came in... I was not really in the mood (in my world, a lucky Saturday evening is not compatible with a visit to the McDonald's) but my dear friend Jojo told me: "If you miss this guy, there is no use for FTS anymore..."
Jojo is often right, so I did move my lazy ass off my chair and tried to do my best with my shitty mobile phone...

Dear readers, we just learned something very important today, UGGs do look like shit on guys too.


PS: Apparently this MDBD (male dressing behavior disorder) epidemic is spreading much faster than I thought. One day later, while taking a Sunday promenade at NK, Jojo stumbled upon this beautiful specimen.

                                                  Photo: Jojo

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