Monday, November 7, 2011

Why ???

UNP > Daddy?
PKP > Yes?
UNP > Is this guy going skiing???
PKP > I doubt it son, it’s early November and we’re in the middle of Östermalm. Besides, he's not even carrying skis with him...
UNP > Is he retarded then???
PKP > Please!!! I told you thousand times not to use the “R word” for Christ's sake!!! No, this person looks totally normal and is definitively not physically disabled. Look, he walks much faster than we do actually!
UNP > Then why is he walking with these 2 sticks???
PKP > To exercise I presume, motioning not only his legs but his upper body too...
UNP > But daddy, that looks totally stupid! Especially in the middle of the city!
PKP > I know son, I know...

UNP > FashionTerror?
FTS > Yes young boy?
UNP > Why does your picture totally suck balls???
FTS > Because I took it with my mobile phone while I was riding my bike...
UNP > Wow! You kick ass FashionTerror!
FTS > I know, I know...

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