Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Internet dating in Sweden: Episode I

God bless the Internet, I don't have to freeze my balls off out in the streets searching for innocent victims, nowadays people just take pictures of themselves and proudly exhibit them to the World...
So I've been peacefully browsing one of Sweden's most popular dating site comfortably sitting on my sofa, searching for the mother-of-my-children-to-be. Well, apart from stumbling upon my ex who had the delicate idea to pick a picture of herself that I took during our romantic dinner in St Tropez as her profile picture, nothing really shocked me. But I noticed a few über popular photo clichés that would keep on popping up at my face. Sorry I forgot to mention that as a guy, I only pay attention to the pictures uploaded by ze ladiez, obviously not to their endless and supernatural definition of the perfect guy...

Top 10 photo cliché nominees in random order:
  • Look! I have boobs!
  • Me doing extreme sport
  • Look at my white-trash tattoo
  • Me and a glass of wine
  • Me doing something funny
  • Non-identified hand around me
  • Me doing "V" with my fingers
  • Me and my iPhone in the mirror
  • Me love my dog
  • Me wasted at a party

And the winners are:

# 1: Me and a glass of wine

Hidden message: I can enjoy life and its pleasures, I'm not just a boring girl who works and goes to the gym 3 times a week....

Fashionterror's personal comment: as a french immigrant I can only approve this behavior. And by the way, it's like your lipstick, I like it red...

# 2: Me love my dog

Hidden message: I don't trust human beings anymore, especially men, and I can't stand loneliness.

Fashionterror's personal comment: Reminder! This is a DATING site and you are therefore supposed to select pictures of you that could potentially make men want to click on the "flirt" button. And by the way, I love cats so much...

# 3: Me doing "V" with my fingers

Hidden message: seriously I have no idea and I can guess that you guys are bit disappointed because you were really expecting the "Look! I have boobs!" cliché in the top 3, sorry...

Fashionterror's personal comment: Joker! And by the way, +10 for the chick with the black leggings

It's enough for today, but to be continued in Episode II...


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Special big-up to John
Disclaimer: If you want your pictures to remain private do not upload them to a dating site where any weirdo in the world can see and use them.

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  1. where is Episode II? Is it like Starwar, the III before the II?