Sunday, January 1, 2012

Internet dating in Sweden: Episode II

This is the second episode of the infamous trilogy that will change the face of Scandinavian internet dating forever. You will discover the last 3 most popular photo clichés used by the ladies from the Stockholm area to try to seduce the finest breed of gentleman. In decreasing order of popularity, following Me and a glass of wine, Me love my dog and Me doing "V" with my fingers, it is my pleasure to introduce:

# 4: Me doing extreme sport

Hidden message: I'm going to make your life a nightmare, forget about the good old snowboard sessions with your gang when your ex was baking at home, now you'll have to take the new girlfriend to the slopes with you...

Fashionterror's personal comment: I have some dreadful theories on this one but I don't want to lose my female readership so I'll keep it quiet. And by the way, I know that swimming with a dolphin is not an extreme sport but I DO WHAT I WANT, I'm the boss here!

# 5: Me and my iPhone in the mirror

Hidden message: Dior, j'adooore!

Fashionterror's personal comment: Apparently, 96.7% of the girls doing this are right-handed, interesting.

# 6: Look! I have boobs!

Hidden message: That's why I love this one so much, there is no hidden message at all! It's like: look at what you'll get if you're a very good boy.

Fashionterror's personal comment: At least it is totally understandable on a dating site.

Be patient until the next and last episode that will bring the "worse of" to your innocent eyes...
Take care,

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Disclaimer: If you want your pictures to remain private do not upload them to a dating site where any weirdo in the world can see and use them.

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