Thursday, January 5, 2012

Internet dating in Sweden: Episode III

Final episode featuring the cream of the cream, a collection of OMFG pictures for the worse and the best... Enjoy, and please check Episode I if you want to understand what's so funny about some pictures here.

♠ Best "Wine + Dog"

♠ Best shoes

♥ Best ass

♠ Best necklace

♥ Cutest pet

♠ Best triple cliché: "Wine + Boobs + White-trash tattoo"

♠ Best "Boobs + Dog"

♥ Whitest dog

♥ Most "trashy yet cool"

♠ Classiest

♥♥♥ And finally the coolest ♥♥♥

Peace, /fashionterror

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Disclaimer: If you want your pictures to remain private do not upload them to a dating site where any weirdo in the world can see and use them.

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