Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help! Indeterminate metalish style

One of the main rules at FTS is "never ever make fun of fat people, midgets and tourists". Well, this guy is obviously a tourist taking pictures of his girlfriend Natasha (she looked like her name is Natasha, don't ask me why) at Strömkajen just in front of Grand Hotel during a sunny winter afternoon.
I shall respect the rule and restrain myself from commenting on the way this person is dressed. I am only interested in knowing to which subspecies of metal fan he belongs to. Post-black-metal indus? Gothic doom techno violence? Motorcycle power house metal??? Help!!!
I must say that his shoes, these weird bootcut pants and the extreme-sport sunglasses leave the impression that there might be some kind of electro/indus shit hiding behind all this...

And like my grand mother used to say: Once you go metal you should go black...

Power peace, /fashionterror

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