Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Sean Penn and co are cooler than you

... partly because it took you about 30 years to start dressing like them.
I love teenage high-school movies. No not porn for Sid's sake! I mean real teenage high-school movies! Usually, most of the scenario is centered around a single dreadful existential issue: "who is going to be my date at the prom?". For some of the most sharp-minded characters, those who are able to handle 2 dreadful existential issues at the same time, you might add this second question: "what am I going to wear at the prom?". Isn't it refreshing?

Demonstration with Fast Times at Ridgemont High from Amy Heckerling, 1982.

• Baby Sean Penn aka Jeff Spicoli "... a perpetually stoned surfer dude..." (IMDb)
   Goal in life: getting high and dreaming of his imaginary life as a pro surfer...

The outfit Mr Penn is going to sport at the prom... Will he succeed in introducing his tongue inside the mouth of girl dressed like this? Watch the movie if you want to know...
I know ladies, it must be a chock for you because Sean Penn is actually pretty hot nowadays. Men are aging gracefully, it is unfair, live with it.

Hanging out with old-school skateboards because you are a poser and you cannot even ollie (well, at that time they were obviously not old-school and nobody could ollie anyways, correct me if I'm wrong but the year of the movie miraculously coincides with the introduction of the ollie on the flat ground by Rodney Mullen himself)...
Owning a yellow 4-wheeled weed sauna with "panther" curtains, wow!

"Something retro on your necklace" is yesterday, but "comestible cock jewelry" is the new shit. Or a grotesque republicanish illustration of the side effects of weed on teenagers.

J'adore ton style mec! Respect! Comment on dit colle-roulé en anglais?

Is there something cooler on Earth than smoking a cig while cruising in an american car together with your black dandy friend? Guys, if I was this invisible super hot 17 year old girl sitting on the back seat, I would definitively go for a threesome with you two!

The only occasion a cool surfer dude is allowed to lose his temper is when he just annihilated the car of the most feared guy in school... Recently seen that shirt somewhere else a couple of time by the way...

Oh yes you like that you vintageholic freaks...

• Mr Romanus aka Mike Damone
   Goal in life: making every single cute chick in school pregnant...

1982... You get it?

Still 1982... Do you know what I am sayinnnn'? Teenage hipstaholic machine.

991 x 2 = 1982, ya feel me??? Seen at least 100 different copies of this hanging out at Mosebacke last summer...

• And let's finish with THE mandatory nerd...

Do you remember that pre-Terry-Richardson era when people were wearing glasses because they actually needed glasses?

Dress well and keep your mouth shut,

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