Saturday, March 31, 2012

Preppy power

Call me shallow and closed minded, but I do not read celebrity gossip magazines... So can someone tell me please what is exactly happening in Gwyneth's life so that she ends up modelling for the Modern Preppy collection of Lindex?
If you live outside Scandinavia you probably do not know what Lindex is, and that's already 34% of my point. The rest of my point is that as a hot and famous actress, you are only allowed to model for Chanel or Lancôme. Advertising for any other brand is regarded as prostitution. Says who? Says me...
Well at least it is still less of a disgrace than a hot and famous actor advertising for an espresso machine...

See, I did not make it up, the name of the jacket is "Preppy power".

Gwyneth, I am still here if you need to be cuddled.

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