Monday, May 7, 2012

Introducing "Boys on bike"

Julian Assange describes Sweden as "the Saudi Arabia of feminism” and he's not totally wrong. It didn't take long before hate comments and death threat e-mails started flowing into my inbox, like the following one for example:

"... it's Sweden here you bloody macho cheese-eating surrender monkey! So if you create a Girls on bike section on your stupid blog you have to create a Boys on bike section you cock monger! ...-censured hate part-... Frog, if you don't do it you are dead! ..."

Of course I'm scared, I'm just a part-time-blogger, not Vladimir Poutine! So I will do what everybody else does here: lick the ass of the feminists and obey! I don't want to be shot dead in the street or stabbed in NK, Stockholm doesn't need a Fashionterrorgatan so early...

So here we go, dear readers I am very pleased to introduce the new Boys on bike section on FashionTerror STHLM taadaa! I hope you will enjoy it and remember that women are exactly like men except that they do not have a penis, have slightly bigger boobs (on average) and have the power to give birth to human beings.

Just faking to be annoyed by the fact that someone is paying attention to me...

I shall be eternally grateful to that dude for demonstrating with style that riding a bike in the city is not only for dirty hippies and other breeds of left-wing parasites.

Damn, what and where the fuck is "Medis"? Have to check again that god-damn google-map location app but it says there is no such place in Södermalm...


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  1. I want to know why he choose red socks!