Thursday, March 28, 2013

Around the fur

I'm totally against death penalty except for the 3 following exceptions:
  • child rapists
  • people between 13 and 75 who are watching the Eurovision Song Contest
  • this ...

Do you seriously expect people not to pay attention to you in the street when being dressed like that? Is Halloween in March this year or what?!

Maybe some of you just see a totally non-attractive human female with the worse taste in fashion, I just see a totally non-attractive human female with the worse taste in fashion AND at least four slaughtered foxes hanging on her back...
Sweetheart, the sad truth is that going on a diet and using your fancy blue Nikes for what their are designed for, ie running, would improve your overall appearance significantly more than by just wearing fur...
Lately I could read the following stupid quote that some random brainless mode-blogger girl posted on her Instagram or Facebook I don't remember:

"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs."

Needless to say that this verbal masterpiece did not germ in the brain of our fashion addict. This statement is totally lame. Leather is taken from cows, cows are primarily bred for producing milk and/or meat in order to feed some human beings. This, in turn can also be material for debate but that's another subject that goes beyond the scope of fashion. So one day, after she produced tons of milk and as her only retirement option Mrs Cow gets to be killed to feed your cats and dogs non-vegetarian of us. I know it sucks, but are we going to throw away her skin? No we just make leather out of it. So now, since when it is the same thing that hunting or breeding poor little mammals for the only purpose of removing their skin and throwing their body to the dump??? I know, some of you might argue that the flesh of these cute little skinless cadavers are probably processed into frozen lasagnas making the waste a little bit less scandalous, but seriously!?

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